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Google AdWords phrase making software

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New AdWords phrase generating software makes more phrases

AdWords Maker is AdWords is software for generating more AdWords phrases. AdWords software, which replaces manual manipulation of words and phrases to produce hundreds of new phrases easily, guaranteed not to be duplicated, and formatted for the phrase type of your choice.

AdWords software - make more AdWords phrases
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AdWords software designed to increase the rate of return from the clicks, by making relevant carefully targetted AdWords phrases. AdWords Maker can help you by doing the following:

Make new Google AdWords phrases

Make new AdWord phrases based on your existing phrases by replacing words with new ones from a list, and by changing the order of the words. Type in a new phrase and replace any of its words with those from a list. Generate all the possible permutations of the words in the phrase. This could be done manually, but it would be time consuming, error prone and tiring! Sounds like a good idea? Just download AdWords Maker and try it for free. Experiment and play around with it.

Filter out bad Google AdWords phrases maintain the quality score

It's great to generate hundreds of new AdWords phrases, but some phrases will rarely receive a click, because, for example, the words are in the wrong order. Of all the permutations of a phrase starting with "how to", only the ones starting with "how to" make any sense. Who would search for "filter to adwords how phrases"? AdWords Maker has an advanced filter to filter out unwanted AdWords phrases and leave the phrases that will get clicks. You can also take the simple approach, and delete the phrases you don't want. AdWords Maker is a new program. We wrote it to make our own job easier. We'd like you to try it too. Let us know what you think.

Format Google AdWords phrases for match type

Some people know, others don't, that to get a better rate of return on your AdWords phrases, Phrase Matches or Exact Matches are better than Broad Matches. With AdWords Maker, you can choose which type of match you want, Broad Match, Phrase Match or Exact match. AdWords Maker produces phrases with the correct output format, that it puts quotation marks around Phrase Matches, square brackets around Exact Matches and leaves Broad Matches as plain text. AdWords Maker identifies the match types of your existing Google AdWords phrases and can generate phrases of the same match type from them. AdWords Maker "knows" what kinds of phrases it's dealing with. How can it know? Try it for free, make yourself some new phrases and find out.

Add unique Google AdWord Phrases - remove duplicate phrases

When you make a lot of new AdWord phrases, you don't want to add phrases that are already in your Ad Group. Checking manually for duplicate phrases would be another time-consuming activity. AdWords Maker checks for duplicate AdWord phrases and only adds new phrases to your AdGroup. You can check and edit the list of new AdWord Phrases before adding them to your AdGroup. People are always asking "how do I avoid adding duplicate adwords phrases". Here's one way: use AdWords Maker to make new phrases. Give it a go. We think you'll like it.

Buy AdWords Maker
Introductory price - Only $10.00
60-day money back guarantee
Download free trial edition of AdWords Maker

Simple Google AdWords software

AdWords Maker AdWords software helps you to make lots of new AdWords phrases. It isn't designed to manage every aspect of your Google AdWords campaigns. It is designed to do the things you would do manually if you wanted to write lots of AdWord phrases. We wrote it to improve our own Google AdWords advertising for our other product, DDFileCatcher, and it has done that very well. It's a simple program to save you time and make you moneyIt's a simple program to save you time and make you money. It's free to try, and you don't need to register with us to try it. Just click the "Download free trial" button, download and install it. We'd be pleased to hear from you with comments and suggestions too.