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Filter Google AdWord phrases to remove unlikely phrases

Filtering out phrases that no one would click is important. If you have generated a lot of phrases, for example by using permutations of words, some phrases will make no sense an need to be filtered out. They could be removed manually, but there are usually patterns that lend themselves to the use of filters.

Permutations of the phrase "filtering adwords phrases". With 3 words, there are 6 phrases:

phrases adwords filtering
adwords phrases filtering
filtering phrases adwords
adwords filtering phrases
filtering adwords phrases
phrases filtering adwords

Only phrases with the words "adwords phrases" together are likely to be typed by a person, so a simple filter to use is "Contains anywhere" for the words "adwords phrases" giving 2 phrases:

adwords phrases filtering
filtering adwords phrases

AdWords Maker lets you filter out the phrases you don't want, using simple or complex multiple filters. Try it for yourself and play around with it. It won't cost you anything to try it, and you can use the trial version to make hundreds of new AdWords Phrases. Click the "Download free trial" button above for your free trial.